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The Waterford area education system has always been dedicated to providing all students in the area with a quality educational experience. Taking a glimpse into the past, the first school in Waterford was the Waterford Union Free High School. The school opened in 1840; the first classes were taught by Miss Harriet Caldwell.

Waterford Graded School District

The Waterford Graded School District offers a comprehensive K-8 curriculum which is aligned with the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards.

Waterford is recognized statewide for its outstanding public education system. The district provides the highest quality educational resources and dedicated, qualified teachers. The students benefit from a low student-to-teacher ratio in the classroom.

The Waterford Graded School District offers extensive extracurricular activities, featuring football, cross country, boys and girls basketball, volleyball, academic competitions, forensics, music and student council at Fox River Middle School. A wide variety of recreation programs for classroom activities and numerous athletic and cultural opportunities are available for all of the students.

The addition of two new elementary schools, Woodfield and Trailside along with existing Evergreen Elementary and Fox River Middle School, have put the district student enrollment at over 1,400 students and there is plenty of room for additional students in the future.

The district distributes a monthly newsletter to all parents and others who request to be on the mailing list. The district website at www.waterford.k12.wi.us/ also contains a great deal of information about the district.

Drought, North Cape and Washington-Caldwell School Districts

These districts are separate from the Graded School District. Each has their own school board and their own taxing district. Each feed into the Waterford Union High School district and may offer a 4K Program.

Waterford Union High School

Waterford Union High School has been educating students since 1904, Today, the high school has an enrollment of over 1,000 students and has undergone two major building projects in the past six years.

A low student-to-teacher ratio allows teachers to meet the individual needs of all students. A broad-based curriculum is in place to provide for all types of educational opportunities for every student.

Recent tenth grade standard test scores and ACT test scores, place Waterford students above the state and national average. The graduation rate is 95%, with about 75% of graduates pursuing some type of education after high school.

Waterford Union High School is a strong supporter of extracurricular activities and encourages all students to participate in order to round out a balanced education. The high school is a member of the Lakeshore Conference and offers twenty different sports with a total of 48 teams. Twenty-five various clubs are also available for students to participate in. More information including course offerings, upcoming events and the Wolverine Report can be found on Waterford Union High School's home page at www.waterforduhs.k12.wi.us.

St. Peter's Lutheran School

St. Peter's Lutheran School and Rainbow Preschool are committed to providing exceptional education that is Christ-centered. Their classes are small, never exceeding 16 children per class/grade. Their highly qualified staff provide a caring, Christian environment for children to develop and prosper. They teach 3 and 4 year old Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and grades K through 8. Visit us at St. Peter's Church and School at the corner of 6th and Main Street.

St. Thomas Aquinas School

St. Thomas Aquinas has a K-8 program. The 2001 enrollment was around 260 students. The school is staffed by 18 full and part-time teachers and is supported by St. Thomas Aquinas Parish. The academic focus is on a strong educational foundation with advanced courses for junior high students and education programs designed to meet individual student needs. The students at St. Thomas perform above the grade level on standardized testing and the school is fully accredited by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee as an exemplary school.

The extracurricular program consist of organized sports for students in grades 5-8, soccer programs for students in grades 1-4, science fair for grades 5-8 and the band program for grades 4-8. Other clubs and programs are developed on an annual basis.

The St. Thomas Aquinas School web site can be found at www.stthomas.pvt.k12.wi.us. They also have a School Brochure that you can view or download as a pdf file.

Catholic Central High School

Catholic Central High School is a alternate choice to public schools for the Waterford and Burlington area, a four year parochial high school. Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Catholic Central serves the 17 area parishes and is committed in providing a Catholic-based education in a caring and nurturing environment.

Fairview Marketplace is a great location for retail store fronts that provide shopping convenience to residents west of the river. As Waterford continues to grow, this area becomes ideal for "neighborhood" shopping. From a one mile radius up to five miles, population counts range from 3,208 to 18,500. Average household incomes hover around $73,000. What a great addition to Waterford Development!

Public Schools

North Cape School District
North Cape 4K-8
11926 Hwy K, Franksville
(262) 534-3894

Drought School District
Drought 4K-8
21016 W. 7 Mile Road, Franksville
(262) 895-7778

Evergreen Elementary
817 W. Main Street, Waterford
(262) 514-8210

Fox River Middle School
921 W. Main Street,Waterford
(262) 514-8240

Waterford Union High School District
507 W. Main Street, Waterford
(262) 534-9059

Washington-Caldwell School District
Washington-Caldwell K-8
8937 Big Bend Road, Waterford
(262) 895-7972 or (262) 662-3466

Waterford Graded School District
District Office
819 W. Main Street, Waterford
(262) 514-8250

Trailside Elementary
615 N. Milwaukee Street, Waterford
(262) 514-8220

Woodfield Elementary
905 Barnes Drive, Waterford
(262) 514-8230

Waterford Union High School
100 Field Drive, Waterford
(262) 534-3189

Parochial Schools

St. Thomas Aquinas School
302 S. 2nd Street, Waterford
(262) 534-2265

Catholic Central High School
148 McHenry Street, Burlington
(262) 763-1510


7345 S. Loomis Road, Wind Lake
(262) 895-3880

Rainbow Preschool
145 S. 6th Street, Waterford
(262) 534-6066

St. Peter's
145 S. 6th Street, Waterford
(262) 534-3639

Today's Child Learning Center
214 S. Water Street, Waterford
(262) 534-7810

Head Start Schools

Acelero Learning
209 Wainwright Avenue, Burlington
(262) 758-6182